Preparing Your Home For Sale

Seven Steps to Help Sell Your Home Quicker

Create Curb Appeal

Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, plant flowers, and make sure the entry way is clean, clear, and attractive to invite buyers in.

Declutter & Depersonalize

Remove extra furniture and keep counters clear of clutter, try to minimize countertop appliances, and personal photos so prospective buyers can picture how their own furnishings would look in the space.

Clean and Organize Closets, Cabinets & Storage Areas

To make them seem even more spacious.

Make Minor Home Repairs & Check Appliances

Blinds, caulking and cracks in tiles, trim, faucets, doorknobs, etc. and appliances that convey are in working order.

Make the House Sparkle

Clean carpets, wash windows, wipe down baseboards and blinds. Eliminate tobacco and pet odors. 

Let in the Light

Open drapes and blinds to let in sunlight and replace burned out light bulbs.

Freshen up the Interior

Consider a new neutral light-colored paint, a new door mat, and fresh flowers.