Why Should Buyers Be Flexible With Closing Dates?

Dated: December 25 2020

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Why Should Buyers Be Flexible With Closing Dates?

If you’re like many people buying a home in Vero Beach, you probably already know that the process can take between 30 and 60 days from start to finish – but what if you were flexible with your closing date? Could that flexibility offer you any benefits?

Here’s what you need to know.

Why Should Buyers Be Flexible With Closing Dates?

Being flexible with your closing date could make a big difference in several aspects of your real estate transaction – including whether or not a seller accepts your offer in the first place.

When you’re able to shift your closing date – even a little bit – you’re giving sellers more control of the other transactions they’re involved in. (Remember, sellers have to move, too; and in many cases, they’re also purchasing another home.)

Statistically, the more flexible you are with your closing date, the more likely you are to make it all the way through to closing day.

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Using Closing Day in Negotiations

Your Vero Beach REALTOR® will handle negotiations for you, but the bottom line is that everything is up for negotiation in a real estate deal. Some “bargaining chips” can get you more leverage than others can. For example, if you offer to push closing back a week (or even move it up a week), you may be able to get the seller to agree to making other concessions in return – like repairs, credits or allowances.

The reality is that most sellers look at the big picture when it comes to a real estate transaction. The big picture is certainly related to the seller’s profit, but profit isn’t everything; sometimes having a closing date that makes things easier on the seller makes a big impact.

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