What Is a Home With Good Bones? Here Are 4 Things to Look For

Dated: April 21 2021

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If you’ve ever heard of a home having "good bones" you may have wondered exactly what it meant. While the reference has nothing to do with a house being fortified with calcium or vitamin D—or having literal skeletons in its closets—it does pertain to certain characteristics of the interior and exterior that indicate the home is well-designed and well-built. During your search for a new residence look for these kinds of traits that constitute a home with good bones.


A Floorplan That Flows


When thinking about the layout of a home consider rooms that flow well together and aren't separate or choppy. Make sure the floorplan makes sense for you and your family—this can mean kids’ bedrooms that are situated near the owner’s suite, or a garage that leads directly into the house.


High Ceilings and Good-Sized Rooms 


When it comes to height inside of a home look for tall ceilings and windows. Tall windows can mean more natural light. Rooms should be well-sized and ample for their function. If a home lacks those three elements it can be costly and time consuming to get them.


Quality Design Elements 


Homes with good bones often have design elements that can stand the test of time. Things like tray and coffered ceilings, wainscoting, crown molding, solid wood interior doors with historic hardware that functions well, and original fireplaces all point to a well-crafted, well-constructed home.


Location, Location, Location 


Here's a real estate catchphrase you've probably heard a lot. Although location doesn’t necessarily refer to the structure of the house, it is obviously at the very essence of a home search. A house that's sitting on a spacious lot or in a great location can really make it special. Even better is when the home is situated in a way that makes the most of its southern and eastern exposure, so you get lots of natural light.

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