Want a Spa-Like Bathroom? Add Greenery With These 4 Humidity-Loving Plants

Dated: August 11 2020

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Want a Spa-Like Bathroom - Add Greenery With These 4 Humidity-Loving Plants

Were you under the impression that houseplants didn’t belong in the bathroom? We hope not because lavishing your loo with live greenery can make it feel like a spa. The only thing is you need the right plants—ones that can stand up to high humidity. So check these out.


Alocasia love humidity and light, so if you’ve got lots of sun coming into your bathroom this houseplant will feel right at home. One thing, though. Alocasia’s leaves are prone to sunburn, so don’t place them too close to the window!

Bird’s Nest Fern

This plant, which is native to parts of Southeast Asia and Polynesia, is considered by houseplant experts to be one of the most ideal for your bathroom. Its wavy-edged fronds thrive in the extra moisture. It’s also not toxic to your fur babies—not that they would be hanging out in your bathroom, but you can’t blame ‘em now that it looks so spa-like. Most ferns prefer lots of sun, but the bird’s nest fern will do just fine in baths without a whole lot of light.  

Air Plants

These cute little plants typically range between 2 to 4 inches in size and have tentacle-like leaves. They thrive without potting soil. No need to re-read that sentence because you read it right the first time. No soil—just briefly soak them once a week. They love bright, indirect light.


Pothos is pretty hard to kill, and although it doesn’t require the humidity of a bathroom in order to thrive it can definitely handle it. Don’t have a whole lot of light coming into your bathroom? Not a problem for pothos. Forget to water your plants sometimes? Also not a problem. You might be able to see just why pothos is considered very low-maintenance. Place it on a high shelf and let its vines cascade.

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