The Spookiest Day Trip From Vero Beach: The Georgiana Cemetery

Dated: April 24 2021

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The Spookiest Day Trip From <a href=Vero Beach: The Georgiana Cemetery" width="1280" height="850" />

Why wait for Halloween to give yourself – or your kids – a good scare? If you’re moving to Vero Beach, you won’t be far from one of the most frightening places in the state: The Georgiana Cemetery. (At least, that’s what you can tell your children.)

About the Georgiana Cemetery

Located on Merritt Island, the Georgiana Cemetery is actually a beautiful (and non-scary) place during the day. But at dusk, the Spanish moss hanging from the trees gives it a distinctively frightening appearance. Also known as the Crooked Mile Cemetery, it’s one of the oldest graveyards in Brevard County. It’s incredibly interesting because of its rich history and beautiful surroundings, but ghost-hunters from all over the world are attracted to it because it’s reportedly haunted. 

You can stroll the grounds during the day at your leisure. At night, ghost hunters set up cameras outside the cemetery’s gates, hoping to capture orbs and whatever else they can commit to digital film. The most notable ghost is said to be that of Ethel Allen, a 19-year-old woman who was found on the banks of the Indian River Lagoon in the early 1900s. Her murder is still unsolved, which makes it a fascinating subject for many. Even more interesting: Hers is the only headstone in the cemetery that was handmade, and it’s certainly worth seeing when you’re there.

What Else to See

If you’re making an entire day trip of visiting the Georgiana Cemetery, you might also be interested in visiting:

  • Launch Complex 34, an abandoned NASA launch site in Cape Canaveral
  • The Windover Archeological Site in Titusville, where a swamp held prehistoric human water burials for millennia
  • The NASA Vehicle Assembly Building in Titusville, which is exceptionally large and open for tours
  • The American Space Museum in Titusville, which includes unique items such as bronze handprints of some of the U.S.’s most famous astronauts
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