The First Three Spots You Should Shop to Perfect Your New Coastal Home

Dated: January 21 2021

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The First Three Spots You Should Shop to Perfect Your New Coastal Home 

The first and most important step in settling into a new home is making it feel like home. However, if that new home happens to be minutes from the beach, the odds are the new home already comes with a feel of its own. That may leave you wondering how to put your personal touches on it without clashing with the sand and surf right outside the door. Luckily, Vero Beach is home to a few interior design heroes ready to save the day. Here are our three favorite places to help you merge your style with the coastal feel of your new beachside abode.


Great Places to Shop for Decor in Vero Beach

Locals love:

·      Hazel House

·      VB Home

·      Decor Envy


Hazel House


Vero Beach’s Hazel House comes in first on our list as a one-stop-shop for all things home décor. Whether you've just moved to town and want an expert design team to bring your vision to life, or you're just looking for a few pieces of furniture to add character to your new space, this design store is ready to help. Real estate investors can also utilize their staging services to make their investment homes or vacation rentals viewing-ready quickly and seamlessly, making Hazel House a staple for all in the Vero Beach community.


VB Home


Decorating any home down to the nitty-gritty details can often be a daunting task. That’s when VB Home shines. This luxury design store offers unique and sophisticated furniture, lighting, and hardware for virtually every room in your new home. You can even turn your outdoor space into a plush oasis, leaving no area untouched by VB Home's delights. Let their design professionals help you turn your coastal home into your dream living space, inside and out.


Décor Envy

If your design vision is entirely unique, chances are Décor Envy is where you'll want to start your project. There is no shortage of eclectic and bright coastal pieces at this design studio, from furniture and shelving to wall art and bedding. Even the muted and neutral décor options at Décor Envy come complete with their own personality, making this place a must on your design checklist.


No matter your style, Vero Beach’s host of interior design gurus can meet all of your design needs. All of the tools you need to make your new coastal home the oasis of your dreams are right outside your front door.

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