Moving to Vero Beach? Take a Day Trip to the Heartbreak Hotel (Yes, Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel)

Dated: April 28 2021

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If you’re buying a home for sale in Vero Beach, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of quirky and cool attractions in the area – and one of them is the Heartbreak Hotel, which is rumored to have inspired Elvis Presley’s famous song. Here’s what you need to know (and why it’s definitely worth a visit).

About the Heartbreak Hotel

Located in Kenansville, the Heartbreak Hotel may have inspired Elvis Presley to write his breakthrough hit of the same name. It’s at 1350 South Canoe Creek Road in what was once a thriving cattle town. The small, rural community it’s in has a few exceptionally preserved buildings that date back to the early 1900s, and one of them is this hotel.

When the Heartbreak Hotel first opened in 1915, it did so under the name Piney Woods Inn. As the town’s population dropped, so did hotel occupancy – and by 1955, the place was in near-complete disrepair. James W. Webb, a reverend visiting from Orlando, decided to buy it and fix it up. (He named it the Heartbreak Hotel because of its sad state of disrepair; local kids were rumored to have called it that, which inspired Webb.)

One year later, Elvis Presley released his song “Heartbreak Hotel.” Although there are many stories about how the song got its name, the one tying it back to this particular building is our favorite. Elvis never visited Kenansville – at least that we know of – but he may have heard about the hotel and composed the song about it. (Other theories include the song being about a man jumping from a hotel room window in Tamp, a man robbing a liquor store in El Paso, or simply telling the story of a lonely man.)

In any case, this remodeled hotel is definitely worth a visit. While you’re in Kenansville, take some time to visit other points of interest, such as the Kenansville Bank and the Kenansville School building.

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