More Things Home Stagers Say Shouldn’t Be in Your Entryway, and the Things That Should

Dated: August 7 2020

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More Things Home Stagers Say Shouldn’t Be in Your Entryway, and the Things That Should

On open house day and during private showings you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and items you’re used to having in your entryway can give some homebuyers pause. Here are some of the things home stagers say you should leave out of your entry, as well as suggested items to include, according to home and décor site

Oversized Furniture

If you have an entry that’s on the larger side don’t shrink the space with furniture that’s too big. If your furnishings are bulky swap them out with more slender pieces that have smaller footprints.

Umbrella Holders

This is all about space. Some homes have entryways that are just a few footsteps before opening to a living area. If you’ve got an entry that’s tight on space every item matters, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. For example: an umbrella holder. Although it performs a function if it tends to get in the way remove it during your open house. Sometimes less really is more.

Distressed Doormats

If you’re like most of us the doormat in your entryway is worn from heavy use, which is fine. But on the day of your open house, and for showings, you’ll need to step-up your game. So invest in a new mat— maybe even a fancy one—that you trot out just for showings.

Here’s What to Include in Your Entryway

If you’ve got room in your foyer include a stylish bench, credenza, or a console table that has a small footprint. A mirror can reflect light and make the space appear larger and more open. If you decide not to hang a mirror wall art can be a nice touch to help dress up the space.

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