Getting Rid of Odors in Your New Home

Dated: March 29 2021

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What happens if you buy a new home and discover – too late, of course – that it’s filled with odors you just can’t stomach? Here’s what you need to know.

Getting Rid of Odors in Your New Home

Different odors require different tactics, so check out these possible solutions for:

·         Clearing out cigarette odors

·         Eradicating pet odors

·         Crushing sink odors at the source

Here’s a closer look at each – but first, for general odors, consider:

·         Placing an open container of baking soda in the area where the smell is coming from

·         Dumping used coffee grounds in shallow bowls all around the house

·         Pouring white vinegar into bowls and placing them all around the house

How to Clear Out Cigarette Odors

Cigarette odors are among the toughest to get out of a home – and unfortunately, the smell can linger forever. You can try to remove the odor by washing the walls and all the windows, which may help. However, if the smoke smell is persistent, you might need to use a heavy-duty cleaner like trisodium phosphate.

How to Eradicate Pet Odors

Pet odors don’t tend to get better with time, so although having the carpets professionally cleaned can make a bit of a difference, you may need to do more. You can start by sprinkling baking soda over the carpet and letting it stand for an hour before vacuuming it away, as well. However, in more severe cases – particularly if urine has soaked through the flooring, you may need to hire a professional to replace some parts of your floors. (Hopefully you’ll catch something like this during a home tour and make an offer – or don’t make an offer – accordingly.)

How to Crush Sink Odors at the Source

Sink odors can be pretty gross, but usually, they’re easy to treat. You can pour baking soda and vinegar down the drains to remove any clogs and neutralize the smell, or you can opt for heavy-duty chemicals that eat through clogs.

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