6 Super-Creative Ways to Display Your House Numbers

Dated: January 29 2020

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How to Make Your House Numbers Stand Out

House numbers are often overlooked opportunities to make a statement about your home. Update a cookie-cutter set of numbers using these clever ideas.

Planter Box Numbers

A planter box is a clever way to show off your planting prowess, as well as a set of stylish house numbers. Be sure that your planter is sized and positioned to be visible from the street. Opt for plants that grow vertically so as not to obscure your numbers with cascading stems and leaves.

Mosaic Display

If your home or landscape has an artsy vibe, build a mosaic number display to complement its character. To form the numbers use old dishware, pottery, tile, and colorful glass. Be sure to set the numbers against a contrasting background so that they stand out.

Outdoor Pillow Stencil

You might be the first on your block with this one. Your stylish porch furniture will have a double function when you stencil a pillow with your house numbers. Use waterproof ink to create this unexpected surprise. Make sure that your pillow remains positioned so that it can be easily seen from the street.

Embossed Concrete Retaining Wall

If you’re building or repairing a concrete retaining wall in your front yard, consider embossing your house numbers into a portion of the wall that separates the yard from the sidewalk.

Tree Trunk Display

You’re barking up the right tree with this design. If you have a mature, highly visible tree in your front yard try posting your house numbers to its trunk using a high-contrast color for your numbers.

Spell Out the Numbers

Stand out from your neighbors by spelling a portion of your house numbers. For example, 235 could be posted as Two35. Go for an even more sophisticated look by spelling out every digit.

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