5 Ways to Create a More Comfy Bed

Dated: December 12 2020

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5 Ways to Create a More Comfy Bed

Even in warmer climates you may enjoy snuggling into a cozy bed during the chill of the fall and winter months. Depending on how warm you like your bed consider these five ways to make it feel just right this winter.

Loving Layers

Using multiple layers to cover your bed is the best way to trap heat and stay warm. Each layer creates a pocket of warm air that helps insulate your bed. To seal in the heat try covering your duvet with a blanket.

Fitting With Flannel

Percale and linen bed sheets are ideal for warmer months, but when winter causes outdoor temperatures to dip and you’re looking for just a bit more warmth, flannel sheets can be the perfect fit. The thickness and heft of flannel causes it to hold heat better than summertime linens.

Downing Your Duvet

A thin duvet in the heat of the summer can be comfortable, but during winter you may want to beef it up a bit. For breathable warmth, which is especially important if you have a propensity to sweat at night, consider switching out the insert of your duvet for down or a down substitute. Look for inserts that are labeled “100 % down” or “all down.” Those tend to be the warmest and most lightweight.

Blanketing With Warmth

A heated blanket can be just what you need to add the perfect amount of warmth to your bed without having to add layers, since you can adjust the heat to your liking. Lots of heated blankets on the market operate using Bluetooth technology so you can manage the settings even more conveniently using a smartphone.

Making the Most of Your Mattress

Heated mattress pads can be ideal for creating a cozy bed. Most pads allow you to adjust the level of warmth via multiple heat settings. Say goodbye to the mornings when you wake up to a chill. (Avoid using heated mattress pads on foam mattresses).

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