5 Tips for Staging Your Primary Bedroom When You Sell Your Home in Vero Beach

Dated: March 7 2021

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 5 Tips for Staging Your Primary Bedroom When You Sell Your Home in Vero Beach

When you’re selling your home in Vero Beach, your REALTOR® will talk to you about staging – that’s the process of making your home as appealing as possible to prospective buyer. Staging your home helps your agent sell it faster and for more money, so it makes sense to spend a few days doing what you can to increase your space’s appeal. If hiring a professional home stager isn’t in the cards for you, don’t stress. Use these five tips to stage your primary bedroom to impress buyers.

5 Tips for Staging Your Primary Bedroom When You Sell Your Home in Vero Beach

Prospective buyers want to see a peaceful oasis rather than a run-of-the-mill bedroom – it doesn’t matter that you’ll be taking all your stuff when you leave. Really, buyers want to see possibility. You can make the most of your primary bedroom by:

1.     Decluttering the entire space (including the closet)

2.     Cleaning everything from top to bottom

3.     Letting in all the light

4.     Investing in brand-new bedding

5.     Aiming for simple and elegant aesthetics

Here’s a closer look at each.

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #1: Decluttering the entire space (including the closet)

Even if your primary bedroom is exceptionally large, you need to spend time decluttering the whole space. Take out anything that isn’t essential, including furniture that interrupts the natural flow of traffic, extra books (especially those with tattered covers), and pieces of decor that don’t contribute to the room’s aesthetics. Buyers want to see a relaxing haven, and clutter is the antithesis to that.

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #2: Cleaning everything from top to bottom

For most people, the best thing to do before listing a home for sale in Vero Beach is to hire a professional cleaning company. A professional cleaning company can tackle your entire home in a day, and all you have to do is maintain what they’ve done for the duration of your home’s time on the market. However, that’s not possible for everyone – so if you’re doing a DIY cleaning, make sure to:

·       Scrub the windows so they shine, inside and out

·       Dust the ceiling fan

·       Clean the floors beneath the bed, behind the dresser and nightstands, and in unused corners

·       Clean the light switch plates and outlet plates

·       Corral cords if you have electronics, lamps or a television in the room

·       Clean the blinds

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #3: Letting in all the light

Take down heavy, light-blocking drapes while your house is on the market. Buyers aren’t going to come in when it’s dark – but even if they do come later in the evening, you want to let in as much natural light as possible. Hang light, airy curtains instead. Think about your favorite home decor store and how they dress bedrooms to showcase comforters and other bedroom must-haves – that’s what you’re going for.

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #4: Investing in brand-new bedding

Dress up your bed with a fluffy comforter, beautiful duvet cover or cozy quilt. The idea is to create a look that says soft-and-comfortable throughout the room. Consider adding a super-soft throw to the end of your bed, too. Make sure you have matching pillows, as well as a bed skirt or dust ruffle – or at least something to cover your box spring.

Primary Bedroom Staging Tip #5: Aiming for simple and elegant aesthetics

Simplicity and elegance are key in creating an end-of-day oasis, which is exactly the impression you want to create for prospective buyers in your primary bedroom. Follow the “odd-number” rule when choosing decor; use one, three or five pieces on a surface to create an eye-catching aesthetic. Don’t display collections. Instead, choose simple pieces, such as a catch-all tray, a live plant and a candle.

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