5 Things to Do When Considering Hiring a Contractor During the Pandemic

Dated: December 4 2020

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5 Things to Do When Considering Hiring a Contractor During the Pandemic

You want to renovate your guest bathroom, but under the current conditions of the pandemic you may feel unsure about having a contractor and tradespeople working inside of your home. Consider doing these five things to help you make an informed decision.

Review CDC Guidelines for Contractors

You’re likely familiar with the CDC safety guidelines for mask wearing, handwashing, and social distancing—as well as those of both your state and local authorities—but did you know that the CDC has recommendations specifically for contractors? Review these CDC requirements for the construction industry.

Review the Contractor’s Coronavirus Response Plan

You’ll find that many contractors and firms have sections of their websites dedicated to informing you about their response to coronavirus and how they adhere to CDC, state, and local safety guidelines. Check to see if their plans align with the CDC’s construction industry-specific guidelines.

Ask Specific Questions

When you’re interviewing contractors ask specific questions about any of your concerns. For instance, you may ask how they plan to isolate tradespeople when working inside your home. If you’re not clear about the details they provide don’t hesitate to inquire further until you have a better understanding.

Consider Your Living Conditions

When work on your renovation is in progress be prepared for noise, possible internet disruptions, and periodic water or power shutoffs, among other inconveniences.

Consider Outdoor Projects

If after doing your research you’re still not quite comfortable with the idea of having a contractor working inside your home during the pandemic, consider shifting your focus to outdoor projects you’d like to complete—things like landscaping, or a backyard remodel.

It is important to stay abreast of CDC and state and local government recommendations for coronavirus as conditions continue to evolve.

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