4 Timeless Pieces of Furniture That Won’t Go Out of Style

Dated: August 3 2020

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4 Timeless Pieces of Furniture That Won’t Go Out of Style

Trends come and go, style is forever—as the saying goes. No one wants to design spaces in their home only to see them look dated just a few years later. Selecting classic furnishings with enduring style can give your rooms a sip from the fountain of youth. Consider these four pieces that will stand the test of time.

Join the Club: Leather Club Chairs

Club chairs are a comfy classic. Known for their versatility, you’ve probably seen them often in commercial spaces, like coffee shops and bars, but they easily make themselves at home within residential settings like family rooms, bedrooms, or even in man caves. So pull up a club chair and make yourself comfortable.

Classic Chesterfield Sofa

You know that sofa. The one with the low, tufted back and rolled, tufted arms. You’ve probably seen it upholstered in dark brown leather. Maybe even a version of it with the front outlined with grommets. Yeah, that one. It’s a statement piece whose classic design has both masculine and feminine elements that work well in a variety spaces, and give it the beauty and longevity it has become known for. It’ll be a great anchor in one of your spaces.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Due to their reflective nature mirrors make the surfaces they cover virtually disappear. A mirror outlined with a classic frame can immediately upgrade the look of any space in your home and bounce light around the room, which can be ideal for making small spaces appear larger. An oversize mirror leaned against a wall can appear as if you’ve opened up a virtual doorway.

Fab Fabric Headboards

Not only do upholstered headboards help give your bedroom a luxe look, they add another level of comfort—especially when reading in bed. You may feel inspired to indulge in a few more chapters when your back and shoulders are comfortable.

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