4 Paintbrushes That Are Perfect for the Job

Dated: May 6 2021

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4 Paintbrushes That Are Perfect for the Job

If you're like most people you're not an expert painter. Not even close. So when it comes to performing painting projects around the house you may not be aware that there is more nuance to choosing paint brushes than simply buying the ones that come in the roller/brush combo pack at the hardware store.

To help enhance your next painting project, consider these four types of paintbrushes and their specific uses.

Angled Sash Brush

The bristles of an angled sash brush are cut at a slant, which makes it good for “cutting in”—painting into corners where walls and ceilings come together, or where trim meets a flat surface. This brush is ideal for painting things like cabinets, furniture, and paneled doors. 

Finishing Brush

This is the kind of brush you use for furniture finishes and final coats on items that get constant attention, like kitchen cabinets. A finishing brush can help you achieve a smooth appearance, since it’s a very soft brush made of ox hair or China bristle. 

Flat Wall Brush

If your painting project requires covering flat surfaces like walls, smooth doors, and paneling then a flat wall brush is perfect for the job. These brushes usually come in 3-, 4-, and 6-inch sizes and different bristle types that allow them to work well with all kinds of paint.

Round Sash Brush      

The round sash brush is a great tool for creating faux and decorative finishes because the tapered, round shape of the bristles provides lots of control. It’s also a very useful tool for painting small trim, like window muntins (the inner vertical dividers that separate glass panes in a window). Sizes of this brush are measured by the diameter of the bristle head, and range from approximately 20 to 40 millimeters.

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