3 Tricks to Create the Illusion of Crown Molding, Wainscoting, and Ceiling Medallions

Dated: November 21 2020

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3 Tricks to Create the Illusion of Crown Molding, Wainscoting, and Ceiling Medallions

You can enhance the look of your home without spending a ton of money. Consider these three tricks to get the look without hurting your pocketbook.

Create the illusion of crown molding.

If you’ve got walls of almost any color and a white ceiling, try extending the paint of your white ceiling down about 4 inches onto the wall. The result is a simple band of white that imitates the look of molding that tops your walls.

Create the illusion of wainscoting.

You can add interest to a boring dining room by using paint to create the illusion of wainscoting. Simply paint the lower portion of your walls a fresh white, leaving the upper area its existing color, or painting it a new hue of your choosing. Dividing the wall colors using white at the bottom imitates the look of wainscoting.

How high up on the wall do you paint your faux wainscoting? The general rule of thumb is that it should be 1/3rd of the height of your wall, according to BobVila.com. So if your walls are 9 feet tall then you should paint your wainscoting 3 feet, or 36 inches, high. For spaces with 8-foot walls a height of about 32 inches will work well.

Create a faux ceiling medallion.

A ceiling medallion is a decorative feature that’s typically round in shape and is used to adorn the portion of a ceiling that’s at the base of a light fixture. Medallions are commonly found in Victorian-era homes, but their popularity extends to those with traditional design.

There are an abundance of medallion designs available on the market, but why purchase one when you can create your own?

All you need is a picture frame, a stencil, and wall paint. Depending on how fancy you want your medallion to look choose a picture frame that’s heavily embellished, one with clean lines, or something in between. And don’t worry about the shape—we’re being creative here. Your frame can be circular, oval, square, or even rectangular, and you can paint it white to match your ceiling, or another color that coordinates with your light fixture or interior design. The picture frame will create the perimeter of your medallion (just make sure your light fixture fits through the frame).

What about the empty space inside of the frame? For white medallions you can paint the empty area white as well, or a color that coordinates with your decor. For medallions painted in other colors you’ll use a patterned stencil, of the same color, to adorn the empty space. After measuring your frame and applying your stencil to the ceiling so that the pattern fits within the borders of the frame, you’ll screw the frame to the ceiling to enclose the pattern and complete the medallion.

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