3 Tips to Make Your Pool Sparkle

Dated: 01/24/2020

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Stage your home’s pool in a way that helps buyers imagine themselves taking a cool dip on a hot day, lounging poolside in peace, hosting a pool party, or gathering for an evening with friends.

Use "Poolscaping" to Stage Your Deck

The pool itself isn’t always enough to seal the deal with buyers. Landscaping and furniture play supporting roles in creating a luxurious atmosphere. Surround your pool with a lush lawn, and trimmed bushes and hedges. Strategically place potted plants, like palms, banana trees—or whatever suits your fancy—to complete the look.

Remember to put away pool knickknacks like toys and floats, which can make the area appear disorganized and take away from the sophisticated look you’re going for. Always store the pool equipment.

When it comes to furnishings, include pieces like outdoor club chairs, lounges, accent tables, and maybe even a couple of poufs to help buyers imagine how they can use their potential purchase. Your items should be able to handle partial to full sun, humidity, and the occasional splash of chlorine or salt.

Deep dive into your pool’s amenities.

If your pool has special features like fountains or waterfalls, a sound system, an outdoor kitchen, cabana, or a shower, make sure that those items are highlighted and mentioned whenever possible.

Make sure your pool is safe, structurally sound, and clean.

Safety is paramount. Make sure that your pool is in compliance with your local municipality. Even if your yard is fenced in many jurisdictions require some kind of barrier that separates the pool area from your house and yard, like a four-foot fence that surrounds the entire pool, a.k.a. an isolation fence. Such safety measures can help reassure families with young children who might be concerned about owning a pool. 

Before listing your home make sure that any needed pool repairs are performed. This includes any equipment that should be replaced or repaired, cracks in the pool’s cement or deck, breaches in a vinyl liner, and leaks around pumps and fittings.

Ensure that the water chemistry of your pool is balanced. Verify that the basket, filter, and skimmer are all clean. Vacuum the bottom of your pool and make sure that the water is free of leaves, twigs, bugs, and other debris.

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