3 Things to Watch for During a Home Video Tour

Dated: July 8 2020

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If you're like most people, you've heard all about how many agents are conducting video tours for buyers who don't want to see homes in person due to the coronavirus - and that's great. We're always happy to do what it takes to show our clients homes in a safe, responsible way.

But if you're doing a home video tour or walk-through with your agent, check out these three things you have to watch for.

3 Things to Watch for During a Home Video Tour

Video tours are a great alternative to in-person showings, but you should make sure your agent shows you these can't-miss spots:

  • All four corners of the home's lot
  • The neighbors' homes
  • Outbuildings

Here's a closer look at each. 

All Four Corners of the Home's Lot

Sure, you can look at a home from Google Maps and see the street view - but the images aren't always the most current. They won't show changes that have occurred since the last time one of those fancy Google cars drove down the street. Ask your agent to head outside and walk the perimeter of the property while you're on the line so you can see the layout.

The Neighbors' Homes

You definitely want your agent to show you neighboring homes from the backyard or front yard of the home you're virtually touring. It's great to have neighbors nearby... but you need to see just how close they are.


Sheds, garages and pool houses are all important factors in your buying decision, so make sure you ask your agent to stroll around each of them when you're taking a virtual tour. You also want to ensure that the seller hasn't piled up a bunch of junk behind the outbuildings.

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