3 Things to Put Away Before People Tour Your Home

Dated: May 29 2021

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3 Items to Put Away Before People Tour Your Home

If you're selling a home in Vero Beach, there are a few things you need to put away before prospective buyers show up for tours - and they may surprise you.

3 Things to Put Away Before People Tour Your Home 

First things first: Your home needs to be spotlessly clean each time a prospective buyer comes to call. Once that's handled, you should always put away:

  1. Political, religious or team-themed decor
  2. Collections of anything
  3. Personal items (including everything from refrigerator magnets to medications)

Here's a closer look at each. 

Political, Religious or Team-Themed Decor

If you have any decor that could spark debate, it needs to come down before an agent shows your home. That includes political signs, religious decor and even sports memorabilia. The idea is to make your home look like a model home that you see in a new neighborhood; you want everything to be completely neutral so that prospective buyers are free to focus on the home's substance - not its contents.

Collections of Anything

Although you may have the world's greatest collection of special items, you need to tuck them away when people are coming to tour your home. That's for a couple of reasons - the first being that buyers won't be able to picture their belongings in your space if it's teeming with collectibles. The second reason is that you don't want anything from your prized collection to go missing, and although it's unfortunate, it's totally possible.  

Personal Items

All your personal items need to be put away (and some need to be secured) before you leave the house for a showing. That includes family heirlooms and pieces of decor, jewelry, and even medications (even if they're not narcotics). 

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