3 Things You Should Consider Before Tackling a Paint Job

Dated: July 30 2020

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Paint can transform spaces and make small rooms seem more open and airy, and give large areas a cozier and more intimate feel. Covering your walls with the color of your choosing, however, isn't always an easy task. If you're thinking about picking up the paint brush consider these three things to determine whether to DIY your paint job, or to call in a pro.

The Condition of Your Walls

If you live in a newly-built home with smooth walls and barely any really visible imperfections then you might not even think twice before painting your living room, bedroom or office, since the paint job could be a pretty easy undertaking. Older homes, however, may present somewhat of a challenge. If the walls inside your home have lots of nail holes and gashes, layers of paint and wallpaper, or crumbling plaster—getting them up-to-snuff may be more than what you bargained for. If you’re not sure whether or not you can achieve a smooth finish before you paint you may need to call in a professional.

The Height of Your Ceilings

So you’ve blocked out time in your schedule to paint your living room. You’ve got all of the materials you need. But as you begin to tape your walls to create those super-crisp edges you realize you simply can’t reach the ceiling—your step ladder just isn’t tall enough.

Before you begin painting it’s always best to know your ceiling height and consider the ladders you need to do the job. And although your ladder may be tall enough, if you’re painting a room with super-tall ceilings, like cathedral ceilings, take extra precautions for your safety. Perhaps have a family member hold the ladder while you paint. Keep in mind that professional painters have lots of experience with painting at the top of a ladder, and the job might be best left to them.

The Investment of Your Time

The cost-savings of performing a DIY paint job is one thing to consider. Your time investment is the other. Although painting your home yourself could save you thousands, it could also require many weekends of your time—downtime that could be spent with family. If you plan to make the time commitment to complete a painting project consider recruiting some of your family so that you can spend time together, and maybe make a memory or two.

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