3 Things Home Stagers Say Shouldn’t Be in Your Entryway

Dated: July 29 2020

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3 Things Home Stagers Say Shouldn’t Be in Your Entryway

During open houses and private showings you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and items you’re used to having in your entryway can give some homebuyers pause. Here are some of the things home stagers say you should leave out of your entry, according to home and décor site ApartmentTherapy.com.

Shoe Racks

Like many people you remove your shoes once you enter the house, so a shoe rack in your entryway makes perfect sense. During your open house, however, you could get off on the wrong foot with homebuyers. These racks, which easily become packed with smelly shoes, can look sloppy and they don’t make good first impressions. On top of that buyers might think you don’t have enough closet space. So during showings give your shoe rack its marching orders.

Pet Accessories

We would never question the love you have for your fur babies. But just as your four-legged friends have a special place in your heart, their accessories—dog or cat bowls, litter boxes, leashes and toys—should have a special place in your house, which is not in the entryway. The last thing you want to do is greet potential buyers with the sight or scent of a litter box. Seeing these items could make buyers suspect that there’s dirt or possible damage somewhere in the house, so make sure those things are all out of sight.

Freestanding Coat Racks

As coats, hats and scarves collect on a coat rack it can become cumbersome and make your entry look a little on the sloppy side, not to mention give the impression to buyers that you don’t have enough storage space. So think twice about keeping it in the foyer during your open house.

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