3 Surprising Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

Dated: March 11 2021

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 3 Surprising Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

If you’re trying to sell your home in Vero Beach, you probably expected to find a buyer fairly quickly – most homes here sell in just a few weeks. But what happens if yours has been on the market for a while and isn’t drumming up much buyer interest? Check out these three surprising reasons homes don’t sell to see if one of them applies to you.

3 Surprising Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

Although every situation is different, there are a handful of reasons that your home may not be attracting the right buyers. Three of the most common reasons homes sit on the market here are:

1.     The price is too high

2.     Your home is too different from others in the neighborhood

3.     Your curb appeal needs some work

Here’s a closer look at each.

Reason #1 Homes Fail to Sell: The price is too high

It may sound harsh, but it’s true: Your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. If you price your home too high, there are a couple of things that go wrong right off the bat. First, people searching houses online – the ones in your real target market – won’t even see it. Let’s say your Vero Beach REALTOR® tells you that a buyer is likely to pay $400,000 for your home. You decide to list the home for $450,000 in anticipation of getting lower offers (but that are still above the $400,000 your agent says it’s worth).

The problem is that most people know their budgets before they start searching for homes. People who can afford a $450,000 home aren’t looking at $400,000 homes – and they don’t expect to see them when they search, either. If your home comes up alongside homes that are accurately priced in the $450,000 range, it’s going to come up short. People will say, “I can spend $450,000, but I wouldn’t spend it on that house when I could get this house.”

At the same time, people who can afford a $400,000 home won’t even know your house is listed because they’ve set their search parameters to look for homes in their price range.

Reason #2 Homes Fail to Sell: Your home is too different from others in the neighborhood

Unique properties have a very limited market. Most real estate agents say that you can have a unique property or a property that’s easy to sell; in that way, unique homes are like very expensive or high-end homes. There aren’t as many people looking for them – and people tend to want more similarity than differences when they’re house-hunting.

Reason #3 Homes Fail to Sell: Your curb appeal needs some work

Prospective buyers start forming an opinion of your home before they even get out of the car. They’re sizing up the yard, the mailbox, the driveway and the way the front of your home looks. If they’re not impressed by the time they make it to the front door, they’re going to carry an unfavorable opinion inside with them – and that will affect the rest of their home tour.

Take some time to ensure your yard looks its best. Cut the grass, edge around the walkway, plant some bright and fragrant flowers by the mailbox, and clean up the porch. Make sure your windows are sparkling, the light fixtures are working and the front door looks welcoming.

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