3 Secrets to Furnishing a Smaller Home

Dated: September 25 2020

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3 Secrets to Furnishing a Smaller Home

When downsizing from a large home to a smaller one all of your furniture and appliances may not fit within your new space, so you’ve got to make adjustments. Consider these tips on how to furnish your smaller residence.

Use Multi-Functional Accent Furniture

Accent furniture can turn a bland room that lacks character and a point of view into an inviting space with lots of personality. Just because you have a smaller home now doesn’t mean you have to forgo these special pieces. You simply have to make sure they do more than just sit and look pretty.

For example, in a small living room, a lift-top coffee table can be an ideal option. The tops of these tables elevate via hinges to reveal a storage compartment beneath, which is perfect for keeping magazines, TV remotes, and maybe even a throw for comfort on movie night. The elevated surface can be used as a desk for a lap top.

When it comes to pieces like end tables, think about purchasing a nesting pair. You can pull out the smaller one when needed.

Play Musical Chairs…

But your guests don’t move, the chairs do—and there’s enough seating to go around. For instance, in your common living areas you don’t have to have enough seating for all functions at all times—simply move seating when you need it. When you’ve got visitors it’s okay to grab an upholstered chair from your office when you need it in the living room, or to place the covered bench in your bedroom at the dining table for extra seating.

Consolidate in the Kitchen

If you’ve got a small kitchen with less countertop and cabinet space than your previous home, you should consider consolidating small appliances that occupy both of those areas. For instance, opt for multi-functional appliances, like ones that can pressure cook, air fry, steam, and crisp—all in the same device.

Also consider using open shelves in your kitchen, since they can make it appear more…open. These shelves can help you stay organized and neat, too, since the items you place are always visible. Plus, you can use your plates, bowls, and glassware as part of your décor.

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