3 Pandemic Curb Appeal Tips to Attract More Buyers Than Ever

Dated: October 25 2020

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3 Pandemic Curb Appeal Tips to Attract More Buyers Than Ever

Selling your home this fall or winter? Check out these three curb appeal tips that can help you attract more prospective buyers than any other house on the market.

3 Pandemic Curb Appeal Tips to Attract More Buyers Than Ever

Curb appeal is incredibly important – especially now that more buyers are foregoing in-person tours in favor of virtual tours. Although most buyers start their home searches online, people are still driving by homes they’re interested in… and when the outside isn’t up to snuff, they simply drive to the next one. But these three curb appeal tips can help you drum up more interest in your home – and even help you sell it faster (and for more money):

1.     Replace tired outdoor accents

2.     Freshen up your front door

3.     Pay attention to your driveway

Here’s a closer look at each.

Pandemic Curb Appeal Tip #1: Replace tired outdoor accents

Think about replacing your worn-but-welcoming doormat, house numbers and mailbox, especially if they’re looking a little worn. Little things like these show prospective buyers that you’ve invested in your home’s aesthetics – and they’ll go great with your neatly landscaped yard (which is a must-do item, no matter what else you do to prep your home for sale).

Pandemic Curb Appeal Tip #2: Freshen up your front door

Show buyers what a great place your house is to come home to by repainting your front door and replacing all its hardware. Choose hardware that matches your house numbers and light fixtures. (And speaking of light fixtures, if yours are dated, it’s time to swap them out for newer models).

Pandemic Curb Appeal Tip #3: Pay attention to your driveway

If your driveway is cracked – and worse, if there are weeds or grass growing in the cracks – you’re sending a signal to buyers that you haven’t had much time to care for your space. Remove all the greenery, patch the cracks with caulk and give it a good power-washing.

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