3 Inexpensive Ways to Add Customized Character to Your Home's Interior Now

Dated: April 15 2021

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Custom designs don’t come cheap. And if you’re like most people you may not always be able to afford the luxury of hiring an interior designer or a contractor to enhance your home with tailor-made creations. But that doesn’t mean good design is out of your reach. Consider these three ways to add character to your interior, for less.

Installing Removable Wood Panels

You can create an accent wall in your living room or behind a bedroom headboard that has the look of reclaimed wood planks—without the cost of the materials and labor for reclaimed wood—using peel-and-stick wood panels. There are products on the market that are backed with temporary adhesive stickers, making them removable while still introducing texture and adding character to your space—because they’re real wood.

Whitewashing Brick

Exposed brick inside your home has a character all its own, but to give your reddish/brown brick a new look consider whitewashing it. Simply dilute latex paint with water to create a thin mixture. (Depending on how opaque you want the wash, you’ll need to experiment with the ratio of water to paint). Evenly coat the brick as many times as you want to cool down its warm tones, or apply the wash unevenly to allow some of the brick to peek through. There are products available on the market if you don’t want to create your own whitewash.

Giving Furniture an Antique Finish

If you’ve got a drab piece of furniture try giving it some character by creating a weathered patina. You can get the look by using an umber-colored glaze or stain. Simply sand down your piece and rub it with the umber finish. It’s an inexpensive way to add interest and the appearance of age to an otherwise nondescript furnishing.

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