3 Household Items to Get Rid of This February

Dated: February 4 2021

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 3 Household Items to Get Rid of This February

With the New Year comes…resolutions. One of yours might be to get things a little more orderly around the house. Consider paring down these household items for a more organized space. 


Unneeded Cleaning Products 


It's so easy for the cabinet beneath your kitchen sink to become a menagerie of cleaning products. Bottles and cans with barely a single use left inside may linger long after being replaced. Then there are the items you’ve stopped using because their scents turned out to be off-putting, and the products whose ingredients you didn't like after taking a closer look. And don't forget about those specialty cleaning products you no longer require. Take some time in the coming days to toss what you don't need.


Unused Health and Beauty Products 


In the past year if you’ve barely used certain health and beauty products you own chances are nothing’s going to change and you should consider curating them out of your collection. Nearly empty containers that have been languishing on your makeup vanity or inside your medicine cabinet should be tossed. If you’ve got products that simply don't work for you—as much as you may want to hold on to them because they’re expensive—it's best to let them go because they're just cluttering up your space.


Unworn Clothing      


You’ve tried to ignore your cluttered closet for the longest time but if you ever plan to conquer the confusion there’s no better time than now. The clothes tightly packed on the racks, the sloping towers of folded items on your shelves, the pieces that you know have become too small, and the ones that you’re happy to see have become too big—they all have a simple solution: give them away. Offer them to interested friends, or make donations to charity.

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