3 Easy Ways to Divide a Room Without Building Walls

Dated: January 11 2021

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3 Easy Ways to Divide a Room Without Building Walls

Open concept floorplans can be great for maintaining openness and clear lines of sight throughout the living spaces inside your home. Sometimes, though, you may want to make a space a little more defined and intimate—without building walls and closing things off. Furniture arrangement can do just that. Here are three easy ways to naturally outline spaces in your open-concept home with the purposeful placement of your pieces.

Tall, Open Shelving

Freestanding open shelves can create the feel of a wall, with their height and depth, without closing off a room. They can divide a space and at the same time allow light to flow through. Since these shelves are a piece of furniture they can be configured to divide your space however you need, and if you want to switch things up at a later time they can always be moved. You can place books, store items in decorative baskets, or simply display décor. (Heavy, wide shelves will help prevent toppling. Bolting shelves to the floor can do the same).

A Sofa and Credenza Pair

The strategic placement of a sofa and credenza pair, or sofa and coffee table, can delineate between a living room and dining room. In a studio apartment you can use a super-tall headboard to help create a sense of separation between spaces.

Plants and Planters

The placement of plants and planters can also help give your spaces their own footprint. If you’ve got a green thumb a console or credenza topped with plants can help create a faux pony wall between spaces and add a sense of privacy. Live greenery can also bring color and liveliness to your home, and possibly even help improve your air quality. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. Just invest in very well-made artificial plants.  

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