3 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for Sale

Dated: April 28 2022

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When you’re selling a home in Vero Beach, your real estate agent will give you several tips on preparing for the sale. Here are three to get you started.

3 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for Sale

Though there are many things you can do to help your real estate agent sell your home quickly and at the right price, these are three things you can handle before you even list your home for sale.

Repaint the Walls

Many buyers prefer to see neutral paint colors on the interior walls, so if you have anything bold, including paint in children's rooms, it's time to go neutral. Because many buyers don't look past minor cosmetic issues such as paint colors (which are an easy fix), it's best if you talk to your real estate agent about the best shades for each room.

Clear Out Clutter

Buyers want to see that they'll have plenty of space if they purchase your home, which means you need to clear out all the clutter. If there's anything in your home that makes it appear smaller, including furnishings, remove it. You should also go through your cabinets and cupboards, removing anything you haven't used in the past six months or more. You don't have to get rid of these items, but you should at least put them in storage until you purchase a new home.

Depersonalize Everything

Takedown personalized decor or anything that buyers may find controversial. Family photos, political and religious items, and even collections should be put away while your home is on the market. You don't want anything to distract buyers from seeing your home's best features.

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