2 MORE Home Upgrades for Under $100

Dated: December 2 2021

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2 MORE Home Upgrades for Under $100

You can enhance the look of your home without spending lots of money. Consider these two inexpensive upgrades to give your home a boost.

Flip the fixture in your foyer

The foyer is the very first place your guests, or homebuyers, enter. So making a positive impression in this space is key. If you've got an outdated ceiling light fixture, swapping it out for a more modern one can be an easy upgrade for a focal point that makes your foyer shine. Home hardware stores offer a variety of fixtures in a range of styles and prices, so you're sure to find one that's beautiful, without busting the budget.


If the fixture in your foyer is fine as it is, you may opt to upgrade the one in a more private space—like your en suite bathroom.

Lighting upgrades in either of these spaces can be a big hit with buyers without being a big hit to your pockets. 

Freshen your fireplace

If the brick of the hearth of your home is outdated or dingy, and has seen better days, consider painting it—neutrals work best, like a crisp white, or off-white, beige, or grey. Depending upon the size of your fireplace you'll likely need a couple of gallons.

You may also consider whitewashing. It's a technique that doesn't completely cover up the brick. Instead, it gives it a sort of ashy-white coating that allows the character of the brick to still show through. You can create your own whitewash by diluting white latex paint with water, which allows you to lessen its opaqueness.

Paint a small portion of the brick first to see if the opacity of the whitewash is to your liking, and make adjustments to the solution by adding water. There are also whitewash solutions available on the market.

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