2 MORE Ways to Make Doing Dishes Easier

Dated: November 24 2021

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2 MORE Ways to Make Doing Dishes Easier

There's nothing wrong with liking to wash dishes—if you like to wash dishes. But for the rest of us, cleaning all of the things you can't put into the dishwasher—like pots and pans—is an unpleasant task that we'd like to be done with yesterday.

Wouldn't it be nice to wash your dishes as thoroughly and as easily as possible? Consider these two ways to do it.

Upgrading Your Cleaning Tools 

Make things easier for yourself by investing in heavy-duty tools designed to tackle your worst pots and pans—you know, the ones where food residue gets so baked-on it seems that even after soaking them the grime will be impossible to remove. And don't forget to get a scrubber that can stand up to your cast iron pans.

Invest in floor mats specially designed to feel soft underfoot, to make standing over the sink while you wash just a little more comfortable.

While you're considering these upgrades, think about ways you can enhance the beauty of your space. In our previous post: 2 Ways to Make Doing Dishes Easier, we mentioned installing floating shelves above your sink to display art, family photos, and other accessories to create a view if your sink doesn't have one. But there are other ways to enhance your space. Consider adding colorful ceramic jars for flour, sugar, and cookies, and coordinating them with a fresh set of dish towels to make washing dishes just a little more pleasing to the eye.

Opting for a Built-In Soap Dispenser

If you have a dish soap bottle perched next to your faucet, you probably wouldn't mind reclaiming that space with a built-in soap dispenser. Not only will you reduce clutter on your counter and make space for sponges and dish scrubbers, but you won't have to keep handling a soap bottle with wet, slippery hands.

Another plus is that a built-in soap dispenser can coordinate with your other hardware. And since you'll be refilling a dispenser, instead of swapping out empty dish soap bottles, you may be able to buy soap in bulk, which can save you money.  

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