2 Ways to Make Doing Dishes Easier

Dated: October 24 2021

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Some people love performing household tasks like doing laundry and washing dishes, but if you're like most you probably don't find such chores to be very enjoyable—especially washing the dishes. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wash your pots and pans as thoroughly and as easily as possible? Consider these two ways to get the dishes done more easily, and make the process a little more pleasant.

Installing a Bigger Sink 

Double-bowl sinks—ones that are divided into two sections—can be convenient for washing and drying dishes, but when it comes to cleaning items like large pots and pans these types of sinks tend to come up short on space and make cleaning difficult. If you aren't fond of the double-bowl sink that came with your home, consider installing a larger one with a single basin to give you more leg room to clean pots and pans. Apron-front farmhouse sinks are a classic single-basin style, especially for homes with a modern farmhouse design.

Positioning Art Above the Sink

If your kitchen sink isn't situated to look out on an interior living space and allow you to interact with family, or doesn't have a window above it so you can gaze outside, you can still enjoy a view while you wash dishes. Simply install one or two open shelves above the sink. There you can situate an array of things, like artwork, favorite photos, and small plants and accessories. Just make sure the shelves are high enough to avoid soapy splashes. You'll be able to cast your gaze upon a picture of a serene landscape, a photo of a favorite family memory, or a beautiful keepsake. If you grow tired of seeing any of those items, you can easily swap them out with something new.

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