3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your New Home

Dated: October 20 2021

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3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your New Home

You love your fur babies, but now that you've moved into your new place you want your furniture, and the rest of your home, to be as pet-proof as possible. Consider these three ways to do just that.

Choosing scratch-resistant, fur-concealing upholstery 

Although your four-legged members of the family love to lounge on cozy furniture, like the sofa, your favorite chair, or your bed, they often leave behind scratches, fur, and dribble. So consider investing in upholstery that's easy to keep clean and is scratch resistant, like leather and ultrasuede. Ultrasuede is a microfiber that’s impenetrable by claws and doesn’t hold odors. 

And here's a clever trick. To help conceal shedding invest in furniture that’s upholstered with patterns or tweed, or in colors similar to your pet’s fur—it’s more difficult to notice brown fur on a brown couch, or black fur on a black chair.

Using wipeable paint and wallpaper 

After a romp in the rain and mud your dog will likely come inside and shake dry, splashing your walls with messy moisture. To be able to wipe away Spot's splashes without leaving blemishes on your walls, think about painting with an eggshell or a semi-gloss finish.

When it comes to wallpaper opt for materials that are commercial grade, which can make them more durable and able to withstand vigorous wiping.

Rethinking carpet

If you're thinking about covering up your hardwood floors with carpet, reconsider. Although carpeting feels good underfoot, oftentimes the fibers simply aren't durable enough to stand up to animal claws, and pet stains and odors tend to be difficult to remove. So consider keeping your hardwoods exposed. If you don't have hardwoods and you're thinking about installing them, opt for woods like bamboo, beech, and recycled teak because they tend to be more scratch-resistant.

Tile is also an ideal option for durability and ease of maintenance—porcelain and ceramic can be the easiest to clean. Consider using larger tiles, which means you’ll have to clean fewer grout lines. 

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