4 Unexpected Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Dated: October 6 2021

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4 Unexpected Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

4 Unexpected Household Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide  

Hydrogen peroxide may be good for disinfecting things like cutting boards and toothbrushes, but it has lots of other uses around the house that you may not have considered.

Take a look at these.

Cleaning Your Produce

You could spend money on pricey fruit and veggie washes, but hydrogen peroxide can work just as well. Simply fill a sink with cold water and add 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide. Clean and thoroughly rinse your produce. The hydrogen peroxide will help rid your fruits and vegetables of bacteria and pesticides.

Cleaning Your Dishes

Who would’ve thought? If you’ve got discolored plates and coffee mugs you can soup-up your liquid dish detergent by adding 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide to help lift stains. If you’ve got stubborn grit and grime on your dishes combine hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to scrub away the resistant remnants of a good meal. 

Cleaning Your Shower

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective anti-fungal, which makes it ideal for keeping shower mold and mildew at bay. Simply pour hydrogen peroxide into an empty spray bottle, spray your shower, and wipe it down. To stay on top of mildew you can spray and wipe once daily. To make sure your hydrogen peroxide maintains it strength replace it if it ceases to bubble when it makes contact with metal.

You can also keep white grout lines clean and bright. Wet a toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide and scrub the lines to restore and maintain a bright appearance.

Cleaning Your Laundry

If your white clothes and towels are beginning to look a bit on the dingy side, hydrogen peroxide might be just what they need since it acts as a good bleach substitute. Pour 1 cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide into your washer before adding your clothes or water. Just so you know, hydrogen peroxide is also easier on the environment than bleach.

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