3 of the Most Dangerous Flowering Weeds. Could They Be in Your Yard?

Dated: July 15 2021

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3 of the Most Dangerous Flowering Weeds. Could They Be in Your Yard?

Weeds tend to stand out. Sometimes they have off-putting hairy leaves. Sometimes they have thorns. Sometimes they have both. Most times, though, they’re just plain ugly. But sometimes weeds can make themselves pleasing to the eye by producing pretty flowers. Is it an adaptation for survival? Probably. But pretty can also be pretty deadly.

Here, we discuss three of the most dangerous flowering weeds from a list shared this month by Southern Living magazine.


This deceptive weed yields a beautiful white, or purple, fragrant trumpet-shaped bloom that looks somewhat like a morning glory. But don’t be fooled. All parts of the “devil's snare,” which is this plant’s alias, are poisonous—agents at Alex MacWilliam Real Estate learned this fact from research published online by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University.

Don’t make the mistake of using Jimsonweed’s enticing blooms to garnish your dinner plate, or confuse them for edible flowers. This plant can induce rapid breathing, nervousness, and depression. More fatal effects include a weak pulse, convulsions, coma, and death. Jimsonweed grows wild in warm and temperate regions. 

Meadow Death Camas

Doesn’t its name alone give you pause? If it doesn’t, consider these facts. All portions of meadow death camas are toxic, including its bulb of tiny white flowers with soft yellow centers which somewhat resembles a wild onion. This poisonous plant can induce vomiting, convulsions, and—as its name suggests—cause death. 


Bella is Latin and Italian for beautiful, but as we mentioned earlier, pretty can be pretty deadly. Belladonna is a poisonous perennial with bell-shaped flowers that are dark purple. Its roots, leaves, and fruits are all highly toxic, whether eaten or simply brushed up against by an open wound or even just an abrasion—making it one of the most toxic plants around, and earning it its common name: deadly nightshade. 

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