3 Things Homebuyers Are Looking for Right Now

Dated: July 10 2021

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3 Things Homebuyers Are Looking for Right Now

Homebuyers want luxury in today’s homes, and a residence that provides creature comforts and convenience. A place that makes them feel pampered. Before you put your home on the market, consider some of these upgrades that homebuyers are looking for right now.

Laundry Rooms

Eighty-seven percent of recent and potential homebuyers wanted a laundry room in their home, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). A laundry room was buyers’ most requested feature among a list of other home amenities.

Many prospective homebuyers without laundry rooms may have carved out a place for doing laundry in their kitchens or in other shared spaces. However, with work environments changing and an increasing number of people working from home, many buyers want to be able to corral messy piles of clothes behind closed doors and out of sight—making laundry rooms all the more desirable.

Steam Ovens

Homebuyers are looking for luxury in the kitchen, and a steam oven delivers just that. Just so you know, a steam oven uses hot steam to cook food, instead of hot air, which is considered a healthier way to cook because it lets food retain nutrients and you don’t need to use oil. Homes with a steam oven let buyers know that they can expect a thoughtfully designed and updated kitchen.

Pizza Ovens

Who wouldn’t want the luxury of a fresh-baked pizza with a crispy crust, and hot, gooey cheeses on demand? During a time when people spent much more time at home than ever before, features that helped enhance experiences at home became highly valued. Pizza ovens can be a wow factor for potential buyers who will be able to enjoy fresh pizza any night of the week, and bid adieu to lukewarm and soggy delivery.

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