2 More Ways to Stop Receiving Mail for the Previous Residents of Your Home

Dated: July 6 2021

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2 More Ways to Stop Receiving Mail for the Previous Residents of Your Home

You receive more mail for the previous owners of your new dream home than you do for yourself. As you settle into your new residence there are a million things you have to take care of and it would be nice if you didn’t have to worry about what to do with their misdirected mail. Consider these two ways to put a stop to receiving their items.

Crossing out the barcode

The United States Postal Service uses barcodes to sort mail, and on every piece of mail the USPS prints a barcode that corresponds to the address it is being delivered to. So although you may write the phrase: “Not at this address” on the envelope of a misdirected piece of mail, as we instructed in our previous post, the barcode may still allow the mail to come to your house. Here’s what to do. Mark through the barcode at the bottom of the envelope in addition to writing: "Not at this address" on the mail. When you mark through the barcode the USPS system will register the mail as “undeliverable.” Sometimes writing: “Not at this address” is enough. Other times an additional step must be taken. 

Having a conversation with your personal postal carrier 

You can always speak with your postal carrier about the misdirected mail and give them the pieces on which you have written the note: "Not at this address." A conversation may help raise their awareness of the issue and prove even more effective than simply writing a note on the mail and placing it in an outgoing mailbox. Your postal carrier may investigate whether or not a change of address has been filed for the previous homeowners. 

You also have the option of notifying your local post office. Tell a station manager about the misdirected mail and inform them of the steps you’ve taken to address the problem.

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