2 Ways to Stop Mail for Previous Residents

Dated: July 2 2021

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2 Ways to Stop Mail for Previous Residents

You’ve moved into your dream house, but there’s this one thing that’s bugging you: receiving mail for the previous owners. You’ve been busy unpacking stacks of boxes, meanwhile the old residents’ mail is stacking up. Consider these ways to stop their incoming mail.

Write “Not at this address” on the envelope

Write this phrase on the outside of misdirected envelopes and put them in an outgoing mailbox. This will alert the post office, as well as the original senders, that the recipients no longer live at that address. This works best when you’re receiving mail from small companies and individuals, and will allow the original senders to update their records. Large organizations make use of a National Change of Address database that’s maintained by the Unites States Postal Service. It contains about 160,000,000 permanent-change-of-address records.

Put a note inside your mailbox

Sometimes a note that’s prominently placed can be an effective way to stop receiving mail for the previous owners. Consider putting a note on the inside of your mailbox door to notify your mail carrier that the previous residents no longer reside at your address. A simply sticky note can do the job. For example, write: “John Doe does not live at this address." You might also place this note on the outside of the mailbox, although it could easily be damaged by the elements, or carried away with the wind. Your note can be a consistent reminder to postal carriers to comb through your incoming mail and remove anything addressed to the previous residents. 

To stop receiving mail for the previous owners, as well as any misdirected mail for other residents in your community, consider crafting an even more specific note and posting it inside your mailbox. For example: “No other residents besides Jane Doe.”  

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