3 MORE Outdoor Plants That Are Hard to Kill

Dated: June 29 2021

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3 MORE Outdoor Plants That Are Hard to Kill

You don’t have to have a green thumb to have a beautiful landscape. Consider these three outdoor plants that are nearly impossible to kill.

Each plant is fit for Vero Beach hardiness zone 10a, and is a perennial in that zone.

Desert Rose

Want to add a burst of no-fuss color to your yard? Desert rose is a succulent that produces vibrant red blossoms. Its thick, short trunk stores water, which means you don’t have to water it—even during periods of drought. To create a no-maintenance desert-themed landscape add in cacti, or traditional spiky succulents.   

Hardiness zones 10a through 12

Goblin Gaillardia

If you don’t have much going on in your landscape the daisy-like flowers of goblin gaillardia can instantly liven things up. This plant’s blossoms demand attention with their flashy combination of red and yellow—red petals with serrated yellow tips that encircle a mahogany-colored center. Goblin gaillardia’s beautiful flowers, which bloom from early summer to early fall, are resistant to heat, humidity and drought—making them fabulous without being fussy. The plant’s low mounds of olive-green foliage are perfect as a border around garden beds, and are great in planters, too. Butterflies love goblin gaillardia. Deer—not so much. This plant enjoys full sun, well-drained soil, and can reach a height of 12 inches.  

Hardiness zones 3 through 10

Blue Spring Starflower

Blue spring starflower produces small bright blue star-shaped flowers from early to late spring. This plant expands to create a vibrant groundcover, which makes it great for filling in bare spots in your landscape. You can also use it as a border, and it works well in rock gardens and pots, too. When crushed underfoot the small blooms release a pleasant fragrance. Blue spring starflower prefers well-drained soil and can reach a height of 4 to 6 inches. 

Hardiness zones 5 through 10

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