3 Household Items You Probably Have Too Many of, and How to Be More Efficient

Dated: November 30 2020

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 3 Household Items You Probably Have Too Many of, and How to Be More Efficient

So, you've got too much stuff. Over the years you’ve accumulated more and more things without doing a periodic purge. It happens to everyone. Going forward, here's how to be more efficient with these three household items.

Food Storage Containers

Okay, so there are two kinds of food storage containers: the ones you buy, and the ones you create from carry-out meals. Before you know it you can easily amass a mismatched puzzle of plastics.

The first and simplest solution to your container conundrum is to sift through your assortment and recycle any that are missing lids, or no longer fit together properly after several runs through the dishwasher. Consider investing in stretch-to-fit covers. They can transform any plate and bowl into an instant container. You might also want to invest in ceramic dishes, which can go from your oven, to the table, and into the fridge for storage, and lessen your need for plastic containers.


Yes, books. It sounds taboo to get rid of a book, but we’re not talking about books with sentimental value, or ones that changed the way you see the world or revolutionized your way of thinking. Neither are we referring to your rare first edition books, or signed copies from your favorite authors. This is about books you started to read, but couldn’t get past the first chapter. Books gifted to you that are totally not your jam. Those books. They’re just taking up space and collecting dust.

Dig through your collection and consider gifting your unwanted books to friends (if you know their tastes), or donating them to a library, charity, or thrift store. If you’ve got paperbacks that are in poor condition they can be recycled. Hardbacks, however, cannot because their leather, cloth, and plastic binding can’t be easily separated from the pages during recycling.

Bed Sheets

Unless you’re a person who changes your linens nightly, you really don’t need more than three sets of sheets for each bed in your home. Instead of quantity focus on quality. Egyptian cotton sheets anyone?

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